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National Etiquette Week: Wednesday

by epi on May 16, 2012

Registry Etiquette Registries are incredibly organized and helpful, and it is not “greedy” to register.  Most guest find registries a very efficient way to select a gift that the couple would like, would need, and that wouldn’t be duplicated by other guests.  While it’s okay to have more than one registry, draw the line at […]


Q: What is an appropriate gift for an engagement party? Is one expected? A: An engagement present is not a requirement. Particularly if you are going to a large party, gifts are not expected, although lately, many people believe a gift is expected so more gifts are being taken, even though they aren’t required. If […]


Q: Just what is the grooms parents responsibility for the wedding?  I am told it is the rehearsal dinner and the flowers. A: Traditionally, the groom’s parents and/or the groom pay for: The Bride’s engagement and wedding rings The Groom’s present to his bride, if he wishes to give her one Gifts for the groom’s […]


Q: How would you word a wedding invitation when step-parents are involved? Basically the mother of the bride remarried, so the bride now has a biological father and step-father in the picture. A: The bride’s mother’s and her husband’s names are first, followed by the bride’s father’s name: Mr. and Mrs. John Adams Smith and […]


Q: Is it appropriate to wear winter white to a wedding? A: Generally, white and ivory are reserved for the bride. Only if the white you wish to wear is very tailored and in no way competes with the wedding gown would you consider it, and then you would accessorize, if possible, with color.


Q:  How is it determined what colors of dresses the mothers of the bride/groom are to wear? A: The mother of the bride selects first, a color she loves and loves to wear, having nothing at all to do with the wedding party. She then tells the groom’s mom what she is selecting so that […]


Q: My daughter is a bridesmaid in a friends wedding. The bride to be decided to get married out of country – who pays for travel? A: Your daughter does. If this now is much too expensive an endeavor, your daughter can decline the honor of serving as a bridesmaid. It can be quite a […]


Q: Can you invite people to the bridal shower if they are not invited to the wedding? If not, is there a way to invite them and let them know they can’t come to the wedding? There are just so many people but I would think that they would want to be included where they […]


Q: As the groom’s parents, we think we have the right to know how much the bride’s folks are paying for the reception. We’d like to invite more of our friends than they’re allowing us, and we suspect the money is going to fancy flower arrangements instead. Can’t we have our say? A: Sure, but […]


Q: This year I’ve been invited to two coworkers’ weddings. I just don’t have the money to cover the presents as well as the new dresses and shoes and transportation. Can I say no without hurting anyone’s feelings? A: Declining to attend doesn’t absolve you from buying a gift. It’s customary to give a present […]