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Q: I would like to know how to handle non-responses to my daughter’s wedding. If we have not heard from certain people by the cut off date, do I have to call them? I work full-time and also care for an elderly parent so my time, as well as my daughter’s time, is very limited. […]


Q: I have registered at four places for my wedding. Each store gave me inserts to include in bridal shower invitations to inform guests where gift preferences have been placed. Is it okay to include these inserts in the shower invitations? Also, would you put all four in each invitation? A: Yes, it would be […]


Q: How would you word an invitation to a 70th birthday party at a restaurant and let guests know that they do not have to pay for their meal or drinks? There will also be entertainment. A: The party’s hosts are expected to pay for all of the expenses. Therefore, it is not necessary nor […]


Q: If you have a large family, and as a result, have to limit the number of non-family wedding guests, is it appropriate to invite those not invited to the wedding to the engagement party and/or the shower? A: It’s okay to invite anyone at all to an engagement party assuming it is indeed held […]