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Q: I have been dating a man 10 years my senior for the past two months. Both he and I feel its time to introduce him to my parents. I thought that it would be nice to do this over dinner at a restaurant of my parents choosing. My mother said that she didn’t care […]


Easy Exit: How to depart appropriately

by epi on June 11, 2012

Q: What are the guidelines for making a smooth exit from a gathering? I feel awful when I interrupt the host and hostess if they’re speaking with other people. If it’s a large gathering, do you make the rounds to say good-by to everyone or just the ones closest to the door? I always feel […]


Q: My husband and I invited another couple to dinner last week, and they brought us a bottle of wine — then took the half-empty bottle home with them.  Have the rules changed, or was that rude? A: The wine is yours!  If the rules have changed, it’s a new one on me.  An offering […]


Q: We are planning on having a swimming pool installed in our backyard. We are anticipating that kids (and perhaps some adults) may become more friendly and look for invitations to come swim. We want to be generally friendly, but what is the proper etiquette as a pool owner when kids (or adults) stop by […]


Q: We just recently purchased a new home. It has hardwood entry/kitchen and carpet throughout. Is it rude to ask people to remove their shoes when coming into the house? We have place a chair on the front porch to assist those when removing their shoes. We both find it very comfortable to make the […]


Q:  I recently asked a couple from church to go out with my husband and I.  They asked us just to come to their house for dinner.  Since I invited them, I did not want them to have to go through the trouble of working on their house and cooking.  So, I said a restaurant […]


Q: My Aunt gave me a wall hanging that is not my taste, at all. She has suggested many different places for it. Now she is coming to my house. What should I do? A: Since you still have it, you might as well hang it up so she can see it in place. When […]


Q: When guests are asked to bring food to a party (hors d’oeuvre, cookies, salad, etc.) are they then required to reciprocate the invitation?  Generally if someone invites me to a party and they provide the food, I reciprocate by asking them to my house for dinner. If I’m asked to bring something, I don’t […]


Q: If a guest brings a bouquet or a fine bottle of wine to a dinner party, does the hostess owe her a thank-you card? A: Not if she expressed her appreciation the night of the event. But at some larger functions, guests might not get a chance to present the hostess with their offering […]


Surprise Party: How to deal with unannounced visits

by EPI Staff on October 19, 2010

Q: My husband and I have friends who often stop by our home unannounced and then stay for hours. Isn’t this rude? A: Unannounced visits are always inconsiderate unless the parties have agreed in advance that they’re OK. Don’t just fume. Let your friends know you’d prefer a phone call before they pop in. Say […]