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Payment Predicament: Discuss expenses before it’s too late

by Daniel Post Senning on May 9, 2013

Q: I was asked by my brother four months ago if I could chaperone a beach week for him and some of his college friends. He sent me an email last night telling me that he expected me to pay ‘my part’ for the house. This is the first time he has ever mentioned that […]


Recipe Request Refusal: Rude or Respected?

by Daniel Post Senning on May 3, 2013

Q: Is it considered to be rude if someone refuses to share a recipe? A: Some families guard their recipes like the crown jewels. It is perfectly reasonable to ask someone for a recipe, but it is also their choice whether or not to give it.

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Fundraising Flop: Giving back donations

by epi on April 29, 2013

Q: Our high school marching band was involved in fundraising for an upcoming trip to Hawaii to compete in a marching band competition. Unfortunately, the band had to cancel because we were unable to raise enough money. The band raised funds from corporate sponsors (to which letters have been sent, offering to use the money […]


Q: Our high school graduating class is getting ready to hold a 30 year reunion. We have about twelve persons who have passed away. Our average age is 47, which is still considered a little young to die. Is it proper to list the cause of death along with the person’s name and date of […]


Food Feud: Using your knife for help

by epi on April 19, 2013

Q: My husband says that it is proper to push food around the dinner plate with a knife and use the knife to push it on the fork, but I don’t agree. What is the right way? A: It is okay to use the knife to assist when food is difficult to put on the […]


Table Manners: Don’t blow it!

by epi on April 15, 2013

Q: Is it acceptable to blow your nose at the dinner table? My husband says that it is okay and has even blown his nose into a cloth napkin. A: Nose-blowing at the table should be limited to small puffs. If what is required is big, noisy nose-blowing, this should be conducted away from the […]


Bereavement Thank-you Note Guideline

by epi on April 12, 2013

Q: When someone attends a wake or memorial service, is it necessary to send flowers or bring a Mass card? If someone attends and does not bring anything but signs the book saying they were there, should you send them a thank-you note the same as if they had sent flowers or a mass card? […]


Q: I have in-laws and a few friends who constantly show up at my house unannounced and stay for hours. This really bothers me and my husband. Most of the time we are busy, in the middle of a project, haven’t had dinner or we have other plans. I think it is totally inconsiderate. What […]