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Fall Fashion

by Dawn Stanyon on July 31, 2013

This post originally appeared on Dawn Stanyon’s professional fashion and personal branding blog Professionality. Her images, content and advice will be cross-posted here occasionally, enjoy! I was flipping through the November 2012 InStyle (great issue!) and was inspired by two components: an ad (of all things) and an article on slimming dresses. Kohl’s is now […]


Q: When is it okay to text your boss or superior for work reasons? A: The key here is to establish with your boss whether it is appropriate or not to communicate via text message. In some office settings, most communication is accomplished through email, but texting can be a lot quicker and more efficient […]


Desk Doll-Up: Primping in the office

by epi on July 23, 2013

Q: What extent of personal grooming is acceptable at your desk in the office? A: Applying nail polish, massaging your feet, cutting your nails (nail clipper alert!), combing your hair, or putting on makeup is not appropriate at your desk. Save it for the bathroom or, better yet, do it at home.


Rapid Reply: Email response time

by epi on July 17, 2013

Q: How fast should you respond to emails? A: You should reply within one to two days for personal messages and within twenty-four hours for business emails, depending on how pressing the matter is. If you will be away from your computer for a few days or longer, use the “vacation” or out-of-office feature, which […]


Q: Should I accept a Facebook friend request from my boss? A: This is of course a personal decision, but we advise that no, you should not connect with your boss on Facebook. The reason is that while you may be mindful of what you post and share on Facebook, you cannot control what others […]


Q: When I travel for abroad for business, I think it is important to be aware of differences in customary greetings. Do you have any suggestions or resources where I could find some quick tips for greetings in different parts of the world? A: You are correct! It is very important to be aware of […]

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Cubicle Courtesy: What is that smell?

by epi on July 8, 2013

Q: One of my coworkers always brings lunch from home or leaves to pick something up from a nearby restaurant. Most of us will go to the cafeteria in our office building to buy or eat our lunch, but he brings a packed meal every day and heats it up in the kitchen in our […]


Vow Renewals

by Daniel Post Senning on July 4, 2013

Q: My supervisor at work is renewing his wedding vows. I have became friends with my supervisor and he is like a mentor to me. My question is, is it appropriate to give a gift for a vow renewal, and second is it appropriate for me to send a gift to my supervisor? I received […]


Vacation Preparation: Before you go

by epi on July 2, 2013

Q: When I go on vacation and am out of the office, I always worry about someone forgetting that I am away and not being able to respond to their email quickly enough. Aside from putting it on my work calendar and notifying my colleagues, what can I do? A: Don’t let emails that arrive […]


Q: My boss always gives me a gift at the holidays. Should I give him one, too? A: Generally, no. It could be perceived as trying to curry a favor. However, a joint gift from you and other employees that isn’t too expensive or personal is OK. Or, if you’ve been working with your boss […]