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Coworker Conundrum: How to show support

by epi on December 13, 2012

Q: Your coworker shared her good news that she was pregnant. Later, you learn that she has miscarried, what is the best way to approach the situation? A: Say nothing; some things are private. With a good friend you would be more personal, but saying nothing is the best approach- until she shares the news […]


Q: When taking a client out to lunch or dinner, what’s the rule of thumb regarding when it’s appropriate to start talking business? A: Business meals have two important components: One involves conducting any business the host wants to address; the other involves an opportunity to build a relationship. ┬áIt’s important to leave time for […]


Q: Should I give my boss a bottle of wine for her birthday? A: No, that would be a double mistake. Never give anyone higher up the ladder gift. It’ll irritate colleagues because it will look like you’re kissing up. Instead, give a group gift. Second mistake: Don’t give alcohol in a business situation. Safe […]


Recession Spurs Americans to Brush up on Manners

by EPI Staff on August 11, 2009

Now that’s a recession headline we don’t mind seeing. This story comes from Reuters and is written by Michelle Nichols. “Etiquette trainers and consultants report growing business from clients who believe that a good grip on manners could be the key selling point that helps them get hired or keeps them off the unemployment line.” […]