Dancing Do’s and Dont’s: Correct Dance Order at Wedding Receptions

Q: What is correct dance order for receptions -groom and bride- then who dances with whom?

A: In many traditions, the bride and groom dance the first dance. For the second musical number, traditionally the father of the groom dances with the bride, and then the bride’s father cuts in. The groom dances with his new mother-in-law and then his mother. Then the groom’s father might dance with the bride’s mother and the bride’s father with the groom’s mother, while the groom dances with the maid of honor and the bride with the best man. At this point other guests usually join them on the dance floor.

When family relationships are complicated, everyone can join the couple after their first dance. The newlyweds should then make a point to dance with all parents and stepparents at some time during the reception.

Remaining Rings: Is it proper to Wear Wedding Rings Once Widowed?

Q: Is there a recommended protocol for wearing wedding rings after being widowed?

A: You may wear your rings for the rest of your life, or remove them immediately, as you wish. It is entirely a personal decision. If you are going to remarry at some point, you would remove the rings that symbolize your previous marriage, but otherwise you wear them or not, as you choose.

Name Changer: How to Monogram Wedding Gifts

Q: What is the proper monogram for a wedding gift? I want to give a set of Towels to a bride & groom and I was going to use the bride’s first initial, the groom’s first initial, with the groom’s last initial in the center. My mother-in-law says she has never heard of this and insists that it should be the bride’s first initial on one side, her maiden last name initial on the other and the groom’s last name initial in the center.’

A: You are correct — a gift to both uses their married monogram – last name in the center, bride’s first name initial to the left; groom’s to the right.

It used to be that gifts to a bride were monogrammed in her name only for they were part of her trousseau, but this is not the case any longer.

Please Return to Sender: Who Pays for the Ring in the Case that the Wedding is Called Off?

Q: If the groom calls off the wedding and the bride wants to keep the ring, who finishes paying for the ring?

A: The ring is returned to the man. It was not a gift, but rather was a symbol of their engagement. When the engagement is terminated, the ring goes back, unless they bought it together and shared the costs. If that is the case, the one who keeps it can reimburse the other, or they can sell it and reimburse one another.