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Q: What are the etiquette rules for buying a wedding gift when invited to a reception only? Is it only proper to get a gift, as when invited to the ceremony? Are the rules the same whether you plan to attend the reception or not? A: When you are invited to any component of a […]


Q: I am one of 7 bridesmaids in a wedding one month away. The maid of honor is throwing a ‘Bridal Extravaganza’ this weekend that I am unable to attend. The event includes a shower that afternoon as well as a bachelorette party that evening and other events throughout the weekend. She is asking each […]


Q: My friend and I are debating the appropriateness of a ‘money dance’ at a wedding. I, (37 years old) feel it is rude because it seems like it is asking for money from people who have already bought you a gift. My friend (23 years old) feels it is tradition and that everyone does […]


Tea Tips: What exactly is a bridal tea?

by epi on December 17, 2013

Q: A friend’s mother is giving me a Tea for my wedding. What should occur at the tea and should I give the host of the tea a gift? A: A bridal tea is simply a nice time for the bride to be together with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere. No gifts are […]

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Q: We have sent out our wedding invitations. We have receieved wedding presents from people who did not receive an invitation. What is the proper way to handle this situation? Should we send invitations to these people or just thank them for the presents and not worry about it? A: You should send thank-you notes […]


Q: How many weeks’/months’ salary should the engagement ring cost? A: The myth that you have to spend a certain amount of money on an engagement ring – anywhere from one to three months’ pay, usually – is just that, a myth. It was created by the diamond industry and should be completely ignored. What […]


Q: During a separation, are the wedding rings to be worn or removed? A: The goal of separation is often to live apart while working out problems in hopes of reconciliation. Therefore, both spouses usually continue to wear their wedding rings.


Q: I was recently engaged, and due to my fiance’s desire to have a matching bridal set, also recently purchased the wedding band. My fiance and I have decided that it will be at least two years until the big day. She would like to wear her wedding band in the interim. She was under […]


Q: I am getting married in May. I am 25 years old and have not lived at home with my mother for four years. I currently live in a house with my older sister. I know the tradition is that the wedding presents are displayed at the parent of the bride’s house but that seems […]


Guestless Wedding: Shower or no shower?

by epi on November 13, 2013

Q: If a person is getting married by a Justice of the Peace and having no guests, is it proper to throw a shower for that person? A: No, generally those invited to a shower are those invited to the wedding.