What About Mom and Dad? : Are you still required to send invitations to your parents?

Q. Are wedding invitations sent to members of the bridal party and parents if the bride and groom?

A. Yes, you send  your attendants, invitations. The invitations indicate exactly who is invited and serve as a nice memory, as well. You don’t have to mail your parents invitations but it is nice to give each a complete invitation for them to have.

Conditions on Permission ? : What to say when asking parents permission to marry

Q. What exactly is the proper wording when asking parents permission to marry their daughter? May I ask your permission for your daughter’s hand in marriage? May I marry your daughter?

A. Oh my goodness! This always seems more stressful than it usually is, but if you have asked for a private moment with her parents, you preface your question with a thank you, and then ask. “Thank you so much for agreeing to talk with me. I asked for this opportunity to ask your permission to marry Stacey, and for your blessings. I love her completely and can promise you that I will always cherish her.” You might then ask if they have any questions they need to ask you, or if they simply ask them, answer honestly. Assuming they indeed give their blessings, the following celebration will direct itself. Best wishes!

What’s Up with Ushers? : Do you include ushers when purchasing a gift for the groomsmen?

Q. Does one include the ushers when purchasing a gift for the groomsmen for being in the wedding?
If so, should it be the same gift or is it a gift of lesser value?

A. One of the duties of a groomsman is to usher guests, which is why the term groomsman and usher are interchangeable. However, if there are additional ushers, they should also receive a gift. The choice of gift and its cost would be a personal choice.

Episode #39: How a Post Gets Married

Dan got married! And we get to hear all about it. From the clothes to the food, the music to the ceremony, and the sangeet to the chuppah, Dan and Lizzie reconnect for the first time since the wedding to talk about everything that happened.


  • Dan in a closet on Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Shutting down gossip about your personal life at work.
  • How do you offer sympathy when you learn of a major life event via secondhand social media?
  • Is there a delicate, diplomatic way to uninvite someone who is being slow at RSVPing?
  • Asking guests to shower babies with books.

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