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Q: I was recently engaged, and due to my fiance’s desire to have a matching bridal set, also recently purchased the wedding band. My fiance and I have decided that it will be at least two years until the big day. She would like to wear her wedding band in the interim. She was under […]


Q: I am getting married in May. I am 25 years old and have not lived at home with my mother for four years. I currently live in a house with my older sister. I know the tradition is that the wedding presents are displayed at the parent of the bride’s house but that seems […]


Guestless Wedding: Shower or no shower?

by epi on November 13, 2013

Q: If a person is getting married by a Justice of the Peace and having no guests, is it proper to throw a shower for that person? A: No, generally those invited to a shower are those invited to the wedding.


Q: I am a bridesmaid and have been invited to several of the bride’s showers. Do I give a gift at each shower? A: The bride should tell you that she would love to have you be there but that under no circumstance are you to bring a gift to each. If she hasn’t done […]


Q: Where did the terms maid and matron of honor originate? A: Wedding attendants are chosen as witnesses to a couple’s matrimonial union in a gesture of love, friendship, and respect. Therefore their position in the wedding is one of honor and so they are accorded that title. Traditionally a “maid” is an unmarried woman […]


Q: We are serving mimosas at a bridal tea. Is it correct to serve them in champagne flutes or wine goblets? A: The trend now is to serve mimosas in champagne flutes, although it is also fine to serve them in wine goblets.


Q: My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting married for two years and having finished college are ready to finally start our lives together. He is very excited and has told me he has started saving for my ring. Is it proper to pick my own ring? How do I tell him without […]


Q: I think that it is tacky to invite someone to my wedding, but not to the reception. Someone else told me that doing so is completely acceptable. Is this true? A: It is indeed acceptable to invite someone to witness the ceremony and not to take part in the reception. The reverse, inviting a […]


Q: Is a woman, married before and now divorced, considered a maid of honor or matron of honor? A: The term “matron” is usually reserved for a married woman. Nowadays, the term “honor attendant” is used more frequently for those who don’t feel comfortable being designated as either.


Q: I’m getting married in September. Due to budget reasons, my fiance and I have decided not to allow single guests to bring a date. The dilemma is that a guest is ‘bummed’ that she cannot bring the special person in her life to share the wedding with. My ‘friend’ has expressed her dissatisfaction on […]