Honorary Title : When is someone a “Maid” of Honor?

Q. When a lady has been married and has a child, should she be listed as Matron of Honor or as Maid of Honor?

A. We realize this response did not go out in time for your wedding but wanted to send it anyway for future reference. “Matron of Honor” is correct for anyone who is married, regardless of whether or not she is a mother. “Maid of Honor” is appropriate for an unmarried woman.

Runner Up Requirements? : Can you replace someone on your bridal party?

Q. I had a bridesmaid drop out of my wedding. There is still 7 months before my wedding. Is it OK to ask another close friend who was second on my list after the person who dropped out?

A. It is generally incorrect to ask someone else to fill in at the last minute, although there are exceptions, such as asking a close friend who would be honored to fill in. At seven months before the wedding, it would not be considered last minute, so it is perfectly fine to ask someone else.

Parental Control? : Who issues wedding invitations?

Q. Is it proper for the grooms parents to issue the wedding invitation? If so, how would you word it?

A. When the bride’s family lives far away and she is alone, the groom’s parents may give the wedding and issue the invitations.  This is also true if the bride’s family disapproves of the wedding and refuses to take part in it.

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of
Miss Jane Smith
their son
Joshua Doe