Party Favors : What wedding events do you bring a gift to?

Q. As a very close relative, I have been invited to an Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, and the Wedding itself for a couple. How many gifts do I give!? If a gift was given at the Engagement Party, is there one expected at the Bridal Shower? Are gifts given at the Bachelorette Party? If a gift is given at the Bridal Shower, do I send a Wedding gift?

A. Invitations to an engagement and a bachelorette parties do not require a gift. However, invitations to a bridal shower and wedding do. If you are invited to several wedding showers, you only need to bring a gift to one of them. Enjoy the festivities!

Downsizing Dilemma : What to do when you have a small wedding

Q. I am 32 years old and engaged to be married. I have never ever wanted to have a large wedding. I have discussed it with my fiancee and he is supportive and sympathetic. I only want to invite a small number of people, close family and best friends on both sides, a maximum of 25 people.

However I have many friends and have attended many weddings over the years and I anticipate some negative response to my announcement that I will not be having a wedding, just a small ceremony. How do I handle this so that our friends realize that whilst their support and good wishes are very much appreciated, we are determined to keep our wedding small?

A. It is yours and your fiances choice on the size of your wedding. To uninvited friends, you can simply say you appreciate their good wishes but you have decided on a small wedding. No further explanation is needed.