Last Minute ‘Maid: Is it okay to ask another person to step in for a bridesmaid that dropped out of the wedding?

Q. I had a bridesmaid drop out of my wedding. There is still 7 months before my wedding. Is it OK to ask another close friend who was second on my list after the person who dropped out?

A. It is generally incorrect to ask someone else to fill in at the last minute, although there are exceptions, such as asking a close friend who would be honored to fill in. At seven months before the wedding, it would not be considered last minute, so it is perfectly fine to ask someone else. Best wishes!

Floral Arrangements: Who pays for flowers at a wedding?

Q. We are parents of the groom, and have just been informed by his fiancee that one of our obligations is paying for the flowers. Is this true?

A. Traditionally, the groom’s parents and/or the groom pays for boutonnieres for the groom’s attendants, the bride’s going-away corsage,
corsages for immediate members of both families unless the bride has included them in her florist’s order.

The bride’s parents and/or the bride pay for the floral decorations for ceremony and reception, the bridesmaids’ flowers, and the bride’s bouquet.

It should be noted that these are traditional expenses — not written in granite. Any number of arrangements can be made.