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Q: My cousin’s way of cutting back on her wedding guest list is to only invite those cousins she has lived near and feels she has a current relationship with.  The result is that some siblings are invited and others are not from several families.  My parents and one of my two siblings will be […]


Q: I was at a wedding recently and noticed a number of people leaving with baskets of flowers that had been on the tables.  Are guests supposed to take the table decorations?     A: It is inappropriate for a guest to take a floral arrangement from the table except when the bride and groom […]


Q: My best friends are planning a wedding, in which I am a bridesmaid and my husband is the best man.  I just found out that the groom-to-be is seriously thinking about cancelling the wedding.  My concern is that I have already invested a lot of time and money in this wedding.  I already have […]


Q: I’m invited to a wedding at the end of this month.  The couple is getting married on a beach at sunset.  Instead of gifts, they want donations to one of three specific charities.  Is it best to donate online, get some kind of a print out of the donation, and send it to them […]


Q: My daughter is 6 and is very excited about my wedding.  A few weeks ago I went to a christening and at it the DJ entertained the kids with games so they could win prizes.  They also had balloons for them.  My daughter mentioned that she would like to do something like that for […]


Q: I am worried about having an open bar at my wedding because there are a few members of my fiancé’s family that we believe would take advantage of the open bar, get really drunk, and embarrass us.  We are also concerned about being liable if they choose to drink and drive.  How can we […]

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Q: What is the proper way to wear the wedding ring set?  Is it with the wedding band on first with the engagement ring closest to the knuckles or does the engagement ring go on first?  My best friend is getting married in eight weeks and recently asked me this question. A: The wedding ring […]


Q: Is it appropriate to have a “money tree” at a wedding reception? A: It is not appropriate to stand a “money tree” in the middle of a wedding reception for guests to clip money to.  Money trees sometimes work for other venues, such as a fiftieth wedding anniversary party, where the couple is saving up […]


Q: I am having trouble with one of my to-be bridesmaids.  She and my fiancé argue constantly and she is becoming difficult to get along with.  My fiance and I have decided not to have her as a bridesmaid, but how do I tell her?  Hopefully without hurting her feelings, because she is my roommate. […]


Q: Do I need to purchase a gift for a vow renewal? A: Vow renewals are confusing. A renewal of vows is a simple religious ceremony where the couple recommits to one another.  It is not another wedding.  It often occurs at the time of an anniversary of the marriage. Therefore, the party that follows […]