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Q: Is there a recommended protocol for wearing wedding rings after being widowed? A: You may wear your rings for the rest of your life, or remove them immediately, as you wish. It is entirely a personal decision. If you are going to remarry at some point, you would remove the rings that symbolize your […]


Q: I will be having a destination wedding and was wondering if I have to pay for the bridal party and groomesmens accomodations?’ A: Yes, you do. This is the case wherever your wedding is held. They pay their own travel costs, but you pay their accommodations.

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Q: What is the proper monogram for a wedding gift? I want to give a set of Towels to a bride & groom and I was going to use the bride’s first initial, the groom’s first initial, with the groom’s last initial in the center. My mother-in-law says she has never heard of this and […]

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Q: If the groom calls off the wedding and the bride wants to keep the ring, who finishes paying for the ring? A: The ring is returned to the man. It was not a gift, but rather was a symbol of their engagement. When the engagement is terminated, the ring goes back, unless they bought […]


Penny-Pinching: Who Pays for What?

by epi on August 2, 2014

Q: My son is planning a wedding and I have the question as to who pays what. My son is 28 and lives in another state. This is the first marriage for both. What are we, the parents of the groom, responsible for in regards to expenses of the wedding? A: Traditionally, the groom’s parents […]


Q: My nephew, who is gay, just got married in Massachusetts. do I send a card or a gift or both? How do I acknowledge the event?’ A: You acknowledge it just as you would any other wedding of a close friend or relative – with a celebratory card and gift, if you are close. […]


Q: What percentage of women turn their maiden name into their middle name? My mother-in-law insists that that is the way its done and I don’t know anyone who has done that. Who is more right? A: A bride who wishes to take her husband’s last name may retain her given middle name or, more […]

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Q: How long after a wedding, are you allowed to send the gift? I always heard six months, but nobody in my office has heard such a thing. Can you please clarify. A: In the past it was said that a wedding gift may be given up to a year after the wedding takes place. […]


Q: Is there an ‘appropriate standard’ for how much money you should plan on giving as a wedding gift? Years ago, $100 seemed like a generous gift, however, this amount might be considered ‘low’ by today’s standards. A: You would give what you can afford, that is reasonable, that is roughly the equivalent of what […]


Q: Is it appropriate for the groom’s mother to wear a dress that has similar colors as the bridesmaids? A: The guidelines are the mothers should try not to wear the same color as the bridesmaids or the bride is wearing. Nor should both mothers wear the same color. However, again these are only guidelines.If […]