Bottle Service : What’s the difference between wine with a screw top or cork?

Q. What is the difference between a good bottle of wine with a screw top or a good bottle of wine with a cork? Does the fact that it has a screw top have anything to do with the quality of the wine? (this is a white wine only question).

A. Traditionally, wine was always closed using a cork since at the time that was the only air-tight means of sealing a bottle which could then be transported. Today, it is possible to seal wine using a screw-cap, but research is being done as to whether the cork adds anything to the aging process of a fine wine. Before the research can be conclusive, it is safe to say that most good bottles of wine will have corks. A few companies are just starting to experiment, so you may see more fine bottles of wine with screw caps in the future, especially given the world-wide shortage of cork.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand : Is there an age limit to holding hands in public?

Q. I would like to know if holding hands on dates for middle aged and older adults is an appropriate thing to do if it is a platonic relationship. Does holding hands necessarily means the person initiating the action has a romantic interest in the partner? Can holding hands be just a gesture of warm friendship between two adults?

A. Yes, holding hands can be just a gesture of friendship.