Bottle Service : What’s the difference between wine with a screw top or cork?

Q. What is the difference between a good bottle of wine with a screw top or a good bottle of wine with a cork? Does the fact that it has a screw top have anything to do with the quality of the wine? (this is a white wine only question).

A. Traditionally, wine was always closed using a cork since at the time that was the only air-tight means of sealing a bottle which could then be transported. Today, it is possible to seal wine using a screw-cap, but research is being done as to whether the cork adds anything to the aging process of a fine wine. Before the research can be conclusive, it is safe to say that most good bottles of wine will have corks. A few companies are just starting to experiment, so you may see more fine bottles of wine with screw caps in the future, especially given the world-wide shortage of cork.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand : Is there an age limit to holding hands in public?

Q. I would like to know if holding hands on dates for middle aged and older adults is an appropriate thing to do if it is a platonic relationship. Does holding hands necessarily means the person initiating the action has a romantic interest in the partner? Can holding hands be just a gesture of warm friendship between two adults?

A. Yes, holding hands can be just a gesture of friendship.

Hung up on Hang ups : Who should get off the phone first?

Q. I was taught as a child that proper telephone etiquette dictated that the person who placed the call was the person who terminated the call. My husband believes that it is polite and proper for any party to a telephonic conversation to terminate the same. Is there telephone etiquette dealing with termination of calls?

A. Traditional telephone etiquette says that the person who originates the call is the one who terminates it. This “rule” isn’t all that important, but its helpful of a call seems to be dragging on. If you are the one who placed the call, say something like, “I’ll let you go now, Barbara. I’m glad I reached you, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you on the seventh. Good-bye.”

If you are having difficulty ending a call with a long-winded phone mate, you may have no choice but to be firm. At the first pause in the conversation, say, “I’m sorry, but I simply must go now. We’ll speak again soon.” Take this route whether you placed the call or received it, and only when really necessary