Anniversary Advisory : What to give as a gift when following traditional anniversary gift rules

Q. My husband and I have decided to celebrate our anniversaries with the traditional anniversary gifts. Does the gift have to be entirely made of the item? For instance, our second anniversary is in a few months. Does the gift have to be all cotton?

A. Not necessarily. For example “silver” can mean anything from sterling silver to silver colored. Remember, these are traditional gifts, but that does not mean that you are restricted to that particular list.

Nowadays, 100% cotton items are readily available in bed linens, table linens and clothing.

Signature Standpoint : Whose name appears first when signing cards?

Q. When signing cards or letters from the whole family, whose name appears first?

A. When signatures are printed, there’s no longer a rule for married couples about whose name goes first, but the last name is always used (unlike signed cards sent to close friends).
Still | Charles and Lisa Bell | makes sense because if follows the conventional | Mr. and Mrs.| Form.

When the signature is handwritten, the wife’s name traditionally precedes the husband’s but, as with printed signatures, it’s your call.

When children’s names are included, the father’s name always comes first: |Charles and Lisa Bell and Charles, Jr.| Cards sent by a large family are more flexible, from |The Johnstons| (or |The Robert Johnstons|) to |The Johnstons’ all five.| In blended families with more than one surname n the mix, the simplest solution is to write |Chris and Peg Morita and all the family| or
|all children.|

No social or professional titles are used for greeting card signatures.