Monogram Jam : How to Monogram a Hypenated Name

Q. How does one go about monogramming a hyphenated name? Example: A woman’s
name is Jane Marie Doe-Love. Would the monogram be jDLm? Or jDm? Or jLm?

A. The monogram for a woman with a hyphenated last name, with the initials the same size, would follow this form. For Jane Anne Bowen-Noel, it would be JAB-N.  If you are just using her last name, it would be B-N.

Going Up? : Elevator Etiquette

Q. What is the proper etiquette for exiting an elevator? I know for practical reasons the people/person exit first so there is room on it. But, what if there is one person on it that is male and the entering person/s are female (so there is plenty of room available). Should the male let them enter first or should he exit first. It seems that people (male or female) always try to enter the elevator as soon as the door opens without regard to people getting off.

A. The person exiting really has the “right of way,” and those waiting should enter should step aside and let those on the elevator, whether one or a throng, get off before stepping in.

Horrid Humming : Is it Rude to Hum Around Others?

Q. Is it considered bad etiquette to Hum around others? and I’m not talking about a choir. I’m talking about co-workers, friends and family members? Maybe I need to be more tolerant of the habitual hummer. Please advise.

A. Most people hum when they are happy or heard a tune they can’t get out of their minds.  Many people are unaware they are humming or don’t realize their humming is intrusive to others.  If their humming really bothers you or interferes with your work, you may tactfully explain.  Or you may take the higher road and say nothing.

ACHOO! : Should you say “God Bless You” everytime Someone Sneezes?

Q. What do you do if you’re in a business setting and someone sneezes directly into his hands and then wants to shake your hand? How do you get out of it without looking rude?

A. Although etiquette requires sneezing into a tissue, one should not refuse to shake hands with someone who has sneezed into his hands.  It is not your place to bring attention to his faux pas.  Instead, shake hands graciously and discreetly wipe your hands on a tissue or napkin and/or excuse yourself to wash your hands.