Gift Tiff : Giving thanks to multiple givers of a single gift

Q. What is the appropriate way to thank multiple givers of a single gift.

A. If the givers are all in one setting, such as an office, household, etc., you may hand write one group thank you note that can be either passed around or posted in some common space. If the givers are individuals or several couples who live in different places, you should hand write separate notes to each.

Turn Down Tips : How much do you tip a hotel maid?

Q. What is the proper amount to tip a maid in a hotel?

A. For one night, you leave about $1 per person in a motel. In a resort or larger hotel, you leave about $2 per person per night. It is best to give the maid her tip in person, if she can be found. If not, put it in a sealed envelope marked “chambermaid.” or “housekeeping.” If you are staying more than one night, tips should be left on a daily basis because chambermaids usually work in shifts and your maid on Tuesday when you check in may not work Thursday when you check out. Therefore, when you leave a tip upon your departure, a maid who has not done a thing might receive it, and the maid who has taken care of your room will receive nothing.

Anniversary Advisory : What to give as a gift when following traditional anniversary gift rules

Q. My husband and I have decided to celebrate our anniversaries with the traditional anniversary gifts. Does the gift have to be entirely made of the item? For instance, our second anniversary is in a few months. Does the gift have to be all cotton?

A. Not necessarily. For example “silver” can mean anything from sterling silver to silver colored. Remember, these are traditional gifts, but that does not mean that you are restricted to that particular list.

Nowadays, 100% cotton items are readily available in bed linens, table linens and clothing.