Dance Duties: Who’s responsible to pay for Prom?

Q. My son is a senior and was invited to the junior prom by a friend. What are his financial responsibilities aside from showing up in a tux with a corsage?

A. His financial responsibilities are theirs, other than what you listed, the tuxedo and the corsage. She asked him, and therefore the costs associated with the prom are hers. If they participate in a post-prom party, he may offer to share the expenses or even pick them up, but the prom costs are hers.

Revolving Rules: Who goes first through a revolving door?

Q. Is it appropriate for a man to go first through a revolving door or the woman? We can see both sides of this one but wanted a final ruling.

A. Men traditionally entered a revolving door first if it wasn’t moving, but women went first if it was already in motion. This old bit of etiquette was based on the notion that women needed help to push the door. Today, the person in front enters first and pushes–it is generally a matter of who gets to the door first.

Monogram Jam : How to Monogram a Hypenated Name

Q. How does one go about monogramming a hyphenated name? Example: A woman’s
name is Jane Marie Doe-Love. Would the monogram be jDLm? Or jDm? Or jLm?

A. The monogram for a woman with a hyphenated last name, with the initials the same size, would follow this form. For Jane Anne Bowen-Noel, it would be JAB-N.  If you are just using her last name, it would be B-N.