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Dish Delivery: Proper way to Return Dishes

by epi on September 3, 2014

Q: I have always been told that it is ‘rude’ to return a dish to a person empty. Therefore, when I am returning a dish, say after a holiday meal when others have brought food, and left their dishes for me to wash (just a little sarcism!), I always put something in it. I may […]


Q: I follow a religion that is a minority religion, as does a friend of mine. My problem is when we are at social functions my friend has to let everyone she is talking to know that we are a different religion. While we are proud of it, the problem is that we are not […]


Q: Is it proper etiquette for a parent to throw a baby shower for their child or does it seem to be greedy? A: No, you never have a shower for yourself. Showers are traditionally given by friends of the family, or relatives of the couple.

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Q: Should a young man who is going to a homecoming dance and is going solo, wear a boutonniere? A: Generally, if a boy has a date, he buys her a corsage and she buys him a boutonniere. If he is going without a date, it is not inappropriate for him to buy himself a […]

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Q: I am actively looking for work (don’t have the luxury of not working) and am confused by different advice as to how to approach this subject with a potential employer. I am 12wks pregnant and not showing. when is the appropriate time to tell? during an interview? This I would think NO… due to […]


Q: When an adult birthday invite states No gifts please do you oblige or still bring a gift as a nice gesture? A: You oblige. If you feel especially close to the birthday person by all means you can send or give him a gift at another time, but it isn’t correct to take it […]

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Q: Is there a recommended protocol for wearing wedding rings after being widowed? A: You may wear your rings for the rest of your life, or remove them immediately, as you wish. It is entirely a personal decision. If you are going to remarry at some point, you would remove the rings that symbolize your […]


Q: My Aunt gave me a wall hanging that is not my taste, at all. She has suggested many different places for it. Now she is coming to my house. What should I do? A: Since you still have it, you might as well hang it up so she can see it in place. When […]


Q: My father never shops. He is constantly giving us presents from stuff he has around the house. Occasionally it is something nice but more often it is his junk he doesn’t want anymore. For Christmas and Birthdays he presents us with his old stuff and expects us to get all excited. Is this correct […]


Q: My boyfriend and I work together and have lived together with one of our colleagues for the past six months. Unfortunately, we have talked to him several times about his cleanliness and tidiness. I have gotten to the point where I no longer want to live with him. My boyfriend, however, is willing to […]

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