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Q: As an Assistant, I was asked to bring in tea to a conference room. I had no tray, just a hot water container, cups and tea. I clumsily brought it into the room and set it on the credenza at the back of the room. The guests were already sitting at the table. I […]

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Q: I would like invite my friends and family to celebrate my 40th birthday with me at a restaurant. The brunch will be at noon on a Sunday. The restaurant charges $17.00 per person. I would like to know if I am responsible for paying the restaurant charges or if it is appropriate to ask […]


Q: Is it appropriate for a person to have multiple baby showers? I have a friend who wants a shower and this is her 5th child in 6 years!!!!! She always quotes Emily Post, so I thought I would go straight to the source. A: Yes, every baby is entitled to be celebrated with a […]


Q: When guests contribute food or drink to a meal at someone’s house, such as with pot-luck meals, who keeps any left-overs? Should guests assume that the left-overs will stay at the home of the hostess unless the hostess implies differently? A: Usually you would leave the leftovers for the hostess. However, the best way […]


Q: How are charger plates properly used on the dinner table?  I was under the impression that salad plates should be served on charger plates then removed after that course.  Should the charger plates be left on the table under the dinner plates or should they be removed before another course is served?     […]


Q: I frequently have family members drop by my house unannounced.  I have gotten to the point where I cannot help but be almost rude, especially when it is 9PM and I am trying to put my 7 and 2 year old children to bed.  I have never encouraged this behavior, in fact, I have […]


Q: I am hosting a barbecue and would like guests to bring a beverage.  We will have some beverages so I don’t want guests to feel it is totally BYOB. I am unsure of how to appropriately address this. What should I say? A: Usually BYOB on an invitation indicates that guests are expected to bring […]


Q: Regarding dress on a cruise, is it appropriate to point out to the maitre d’ someone who is not dressed according to the guidelines of the crusie ship? A: No, it is really not your business and you have to believe that the maitre d’ knows this and will deal with it in his […]


Q: Someone uninvited has requested to attend a party that I am hosting. I was very careful in my choice of guest for this particular party. Can I politely decline the request? A: Sure. Just say you are sorry, but you are at your guest limit this time and while you are flattered that he/she […]


Etiquette Daily’s “Greatest Hits” are questions that generated a great deal of conversation when they were originally posted. At the Emily Post Institute we have learned that some etiquette questions never go out of style and are bringing back a few of these popular conundrums for your further consideration. Enjoy! Q: I am throwing a […]