Who’s on the Guest List? Knowing when and when not to ask about Guest lists

Q: Is it polite to inquire on who is invited to a party or gathering not thrown by you, when the question is used to decide whether or not one would attend themselves?

A: You may not ask who else has been invited.  Your decision to attend should be based on wanting to be with the hosts and not on  the guest list.  The only exception would be if you had a serious falling out with an individual, you might tell your host that if that individual will be attending it might be awkward, that you regret that you would not be able to attend but that you would like to get together at another time.

Just the Pits: Proper Etiquette for Olive Pits

Q: What do you do with olive pits when eating olives at the dinner table?

A: Remove the pit from your mouth with your fingers, or push it with your tongue onto a spoon. If a bowl has been provided for the pits, place it in the bowl, otherwise, place the pits on the side of your plate.