Views on Bringing Booze : Can you write on an invite that the party is B.Y.O.B?

Q. My husband and I are having an open house, but with our budget we will be unable to afford a multitude of alcohol. Is it inappropriate to state on the invitation for our guest to b.y.o.b?

A. Technically, events at which guests are asked to bring or pay for food or drinks are organized, not hosted. BYOB and pot luck affairs are normally used for very casual, last-minute entertaining and allow friends to have a fun time while spreading the costs.

In your case, BYOB would not be the gracious choice. If you can’t afford alcohol, then serve those beverages that you can afford such as soft drinks, beer or wine, or mix a holiday punch that can stretch a small amount of alcohol a long way

Dating Dilemma : When is it appropriate for a widow to start dating again

Q.  At what point can a widow begin entertaining, casual dating, etc?

A.  She may do this on a larger and more social scale at any time she feels ready to do so, usually waiting about three months or so to find her equilibrium for extremely social events. She may entertain close friends and family as soon as she is ready to do so, however, for they would want to show their support and enjoy time with her as she is transitioning.

Tea Time Tasties: Good Finger foods to serve with Tea

Q: I will be responsible for serving an afternoon tea. The hostess will be serving a variety of teas and I am supplying the food. What is the proper etiquette when covering an event such as this?

A: For tea foods usually are finger foods – small sandwiches, small appetizer types of foods, small pastries, that can be managed by guests also dealing with a tea cup.