Party Favors : Are favors required for each guest?

Q. Is a favor necessary for each guest or is one acceptable per couple? Any suggestions are appreciated.

A. While wedding favors are a nice thought, unless they are part of your cultural traditions, they are completely unnecessary and simply another drain on your wedding budget. That being the case, if you truly want to give favors, it is certainly fine to give one per couple or to the ladies only– more than likely, the male guests won’t even notice!

Traditionally speaking, a place card is provided for each guest. However, it is more common place today for one card to be designated per couple.

Keep it Casual : How to inform guests on what to wear

Q. We are having a daytime open house for our parents 50 anniversary. We want to let our guests know that this is not a formal event. How to we indicate that it is casual, without having people show up in bluejeans and shorts?

A. “Dressy Casual” usually means no jeans or shorts. Similar to business casual, but a tad dressier. You may simply write “Dressy Casual” at the bottom of the invitation.