Delayed Response: Is it okay to send people a reminder note to RSVP?

Q. If one has provided an RSVP number and email address in an invitation card for a child’s birthday party, and many people haven’t responded till two days before the RSVP date, is it OK to send people a reminder note to RSVP by that date?

A. No, instead call them on the deadline date and ask if they are attending. This is not at all rude and enables you to plan appropriately.

Hosting Housewarmings: Can your parents host it for you?

Q. Is it proper for parents of couple to give a housewarming?

A. If you mean that the parents of a couple who have recently moved into a new home are acting as hosts for the housewarming party, it is not considered customary to do so. However, if there are special circumstances for the parents to act as hosts instead of the new homeowners (or renters) themselves, then can certainly chose to do so.(The traditional rules of a housewarming party are that it is held by the new homeowners (or renters) to welcome friends and family to their new home, to give tours and receive compliments, and to serve food and have friends help “warm” their residence with their caring and affection. A housewarming generally is held within three months or so of moving in.)

Giving Thanks: Is a thank you note is only necessary if the gift was received by mail?

Q. I have heard that you do not need to send a thank you note after you have received a gift from a person who attended your birthday party…  You can just thank them in person when you open the gift right there at the party. I heard that a thank you note is only necessary if the gift was received by mail. Is that true?

A. You are correct. If you opened and thanked the person when receiving the gift, you don’t have to send a thank-you note. It’s your choice if you want to follow up with a telephone call or a note.