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Q: When hosting a casual late evening dessert, how do you gently, yet firmly, let your guests know it’s time to say good-bye? A: It’s fine to let guests know it’s time to go.  Just be honest, saying how much you’ve enjoyed their company but that you have to get up early for work (or […]


Q: I recently attended a baby shower for a close family member and was very surprised to see most of the guests drinking beer. I had my twelve year old daughter with me and was rather offended. Is it considered acceptable in today’s culture to drink at a baby shower? A: Yes, wine, beer or […]


Q: I recently moved to a small condo with two bedrooms; my bedroom and a smaller bedroom which I am using for a TV room. This room has no bed or sofa. A friend from invited herself to come up and stay with me for over a week. Am I obligated to give up my […]


Q: Is it appropriate for a man when accompanied by a wife or date to address waitresses as ‘darling’, ‘sugar’ or ‘honey’? If it is not appropriate how should the significant other address this situation? A: No, it is not appropriate for a man or a woman to address a waitress as “darling,” “sugar,” or […]

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Q: At a family meal recently there was some friendly discussion regarding the passing of the food. So, which way is it? Do you pass to the Left or the Right? A: You pass to the right, or counter clockwise. You pass it from your right hand to the person on your right’s left hand. […]

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First Dibs: Who Should be Served First?

by epi on September 13, 2014

Q: When hosting an informal dinner party who should the hostess serve first…children or adults? A: Children, so the adults with them can help them with their food before being served themselves.


Q: What is the proper etiquette for burning candles? My mother-in-law says you do not burn candles in the day, only at night. In the past, we have wanted to light the candle in the centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table but she is adamant that you don’t light candles in the daytime. A: She is […]

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Q: When is the proper time to remove your guests’ dinner plates – after everyone is finished? I have a friend that insists on helping out at dinner parties but she starts removing plates before all are finished. She also insists on putting away food from buffets within 15-20 minutes of the meal. I think […]


Q: When someone brings a bottle of wine as a gift for a dinner or appetizers and drinks, do you open that bottle right away or can it be used at another time?’ A: You may do either. The wine is intended as a gift to you to do with as you please. If you […]


Announcement – ‘Awesome Etiquette’ Podcast Launch!

by Daniel Post Senning on September 3, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Awesome Etiquette Q&A podcast is now LIVE! The Emily Post Institute is thrilled to be partnered with American Public Media’s new podcast network Infinite Guest to bring you Awesome Etiquette hosted by Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning As your hosts, we’ll talk about etiquette in our own […]

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