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Q: If my husband and I have a son, we would like to name him after my father-in-law, whose name was John Andrew Jones, Jr. and who has since passed away. My mother says we would simply name him John Andrew Doe, since his namesakes are both deceased. I, however, would like to name him […]


Q: I work with children and am writing a trivia game about manners. One of my questions is about the proper way to eat spaghetti. My co-workers and I have been debating this issue for about a week. What is the proper way to eat spaghetti? A: There are really three ways to eat spaghetti. […]


Q: My five year old daughter wants to know WHY we don’t put our elbows on the table. Could you tell us? Thank you very much! A: Ideal posture is an important component of exemplary table manners. Given that, ideal posture at the table is to sit straight, leaning slightly against the back of the […]


Q: I have 13 year old twins who recently celebrated their bas-mitzvah. They each received a separate gift from most people. Should they send one thank you note signed by both of them, or should each of them send an individual thank you note? A: If they each received separate gifts, it is correct for […]


Q: What is the correct way to address an envelope when the children are no longer living at home but you want to include them in the invitation and do not have their address? Should it be ‘Curt and Carol Schory & Family’ or should you list all the children’s names even though they are […]


Q: I am thinking about naming my child using 4 names, a double first name then middle and last….how would I monogram her things using initials? A: Congratulations! A new baby certainly brings to mind all kinds of questions. Here are two options for you to consider (we’re using the sample name of Mary Kate […]

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Q: When is it proper and at what age do you address a young man as Mister and not Master? A: Boys may be addressed as “Master” on envelopes and formal correspondence until they are about seven years old, and “Mister” when they become eighteen. Some people use the title as late as age 13.  […]


Baby Shower: For An Adopted Baby

by epi on August 13, 2013

Q: What is the etiquette on when to throw a baby shower for someone who is adopting a baby? Shouldn’t the shower be after the adoption is complete and more of a welcome/meet baby shower? A: A shower for the mother or father of an adopted baby should be exactly the same as any baby […]


Q: Should my 9 year old son address our neighbors by their first name or Mr. and Mrs.? If the answer is the latter, at what age can a child address an adult by their first name? A: A child never addresses an adult by his or her first name unless the adult requests it. […]


Q: My neighbors have invited my husband and I several times for dinner, whether it be an outdoor barbeque and bonfire in the summer or a cozy supper and movie night. We usually arrange for a babysitter to come and watch our children while we are out, but for the first time, our neighbors extended […]