Correcting a Corrector: Tactfully telling someone to stop correcting others

Q: How do you explain to a co-worker how rude it is to correct another person’s faux pas in a meeting without being just as rude?

A: If you are the person the co-worker is correcting, you could tell the person in private and tactfully that you would appreciate him or her not correcting your mistake in front of others. Otherwise, it is just as inappropriate to correct the co-worker’s lapse in etiquette.

Company Cards: How to sign an office-wide sympathy card

Q: When a sympathy card is being sent from an office, is it appropriate for all staff members to sign the card, or should it just be signed from the staff at whatever company you are sending it from?

A: Either was is appropriate especially if it is from a small office and co-workers would like to add a personal message.

Cards from Corporate: To whom does a new Director send holiday cards?

Q: Our Director of Sales has been with us for about 3 weeks. It’s time to send out the Holiday cards to our clients but he doesn’t really know them yet and some may not even know we have a new Director of Sales. Is it appropriate to enclose his business card in the Christmas card? Should he write a note in each card (we’re talking over 100 cards) explaining who he is? Or should he only send cards to the clients he’s met?

A: He would send cards only to clients he has met, and then it would be nice for management to send a letter introducing him to all the clients he has not yet met so when he pays a call or telephones they will know who he is.