Fair Warning: How Early of a Notice Should I give Before Retiring?

Q: After working for a company for a life time how long a notice should be given before retiring?

A: It depends on how long a search might be needed to replace you. The minimum, of course, is two weeks. A month is thoughtful and helpful to the company, if they need to rethink and decide how to fill your position. You might give a month and then consider negotiating if they ask for more time and you are able to stay longer.

Job Jitters: Do I Reach Out to Interviewers Whom I Haven’t Heard From?

Q: I recently went on an interview and I felt it went really well. I interviewed first with the Human Resource Director then with the person who is the head of the department of the position I am applying for. After the interview I sent a thank you note to each of the interviewers. At the conclusion of the interview they said they would be making their decision by the end of the week. It is now the following Monday and I have not heard either way. Should I send an email to both interviewers or call to express that I am still really interested in the position or just wait for a response?

A: Since it is only a few days since they said they would be in touch, you should wait for them to contact you.  However, if you haven’t heard from either one in a week or two, it would be fine to call to inquire.  Good luck!

Top it Off: Trendy Hats in the Workplace

Q: Are cutsie or trendy hats considered proper attire for offices or are they off limits inside the workplace? I work in an office and we have a very casual dress code, but we still try to dress differently than the people in my department. What would be the correct ruling on this?

A: One generally does not wear a hat during the work day, even if it does match your outfit. Hats may be worn indoors at social occasions, but really are not office attire.

Hesitant Hands: Distributing Items to Clients

Q: As an Assistant, I was asked to bring in tea to a conference room. I had no tray, just a hot water container, cups and tea. I clumsily brought it into the room and set it on the credenza at the back of the room. The guests were already sitting at the table. I was then asked to get some aspirin. I brought in four packets and handed them to the guest, leaving the water on the credenza for my boss to hand to the guest. What would have been the proper way of handling this?

A: If as an assistant you are being asked to perform duties relating to food and/or beverage service your employer should provide you with the necessary serving items. The coffee, water, cups, saucers and glasses, along with the aspirin should all have been transported on a tray and set on the credenza and then distributed to each guest one at a time.