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America Today

Q: I love January sales but hate how aggressive the crowds get.  When a cashier lets someone cut in front of me, may I tell the line jumper that it’s my turn? A: Yes.  If someone pushes in front of you, calmly say, “Excuse me, but I don’t think you realize that I was ahead […]


Q: I am hosting a ‘jewelry party’ at my home and want to include my female cousins. Each of them have daughters under the age of 3 that they bring everywhere. I know it’s not polite to say ‘no children’ on invites, but unless it’s in black and white my cousins will bring the children. […]


In a Ditch

by Cindy Post Senning on December 27, 2011

This post originally appeared at my parenting blog The Gift of Good Manners. I will be cross posting some of my favorite content from that blog here at the Etiquette Daily periodically. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. During a snow storm mycar ended up in a ditch […]


Punctually Perfect: When to send a thank you

by epi on December 26, 2011

Q: How long do you have after you receive a present do you have to send a thank you note. A: You should write promptly, especially if the gift was mailed or delivered, so the giver of the gift knows you received it — and appreciated it!  Within a week of receipt is a good […]


Confused Coworker: The forgotten spouse

by epi on December 23, 2011

Q: If you are sending a holiday card to a co-worker who is married and you do not know their spouse’s first name, how would you address the envelope? A: You can send it to “The Lees” which could be a way to get around the unknown first name problem.  While there is no guarantee […]

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Holiday Hellos: Are e-cards acceptable?

by epi on December 20, 2011

Q: I’ve been receiving lots of holiday e-cards, and find I feel somewhat slighted by the quick-click gesture.  Is it rude to send Yuletide greetings over the Web? A: Concentrate on the kind sentiments, and don’t take offense: E-cards are a reality of today’s world.  They’re the only way many people have the time (or […]


Q: Instead of sending a present, your cousin donates to a charitable organization in your name- but for a cause you don’t support.  Should you say something? A: Yes.  If the charity truly offends you, ask your cousin to refrain, without going into specifics.  Try, “I appreciate your generosity, but let’s just exchange cards this […]


Pajama Problem: Children and gift giving

by epi on December 15, 2011

Q: My in-laws always give my kids pj’s as a holiday gift.  I really wish they’d buy toys instead.  Do I say anything to them about this? A: No, selecting a present is really up to the gift giver, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to ask your in-laws to follow your requests.  But if the […]


Q: My daughter’s history teacher often shares her views on the election with the class.  Should I ask her not to express her beliefs to her students or be thankful my daughter is learning the importance of elections? A: Although it’s great for an educator to discuss voting and the candidates, it’s wrong for her […]


Trick-or-Treat: How Old is Too Old?

by epi on October 31, 2011

Q: I hate when older kids trick-or-treat.  Can I refuse them candy? A: Masked teenagers at the door might seem intimidating, but it’s best to take this in stride and hand out some treats anyway.  After all, Halloween is an occasion for teens to enjoy just as younger kids do.  But if you’re really nervous, […]