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Q: What ever happened to a good old-fashioned “thank you”?  My mother taught me as a young girl to always to say thank you. Either in person or over the phone. When I got older, I started sending thank you cards. Now that I’m a mother, I am teaching my daughter to do the same.  […]


Q: At my daughter’s high school basketball game, I heard a father from the opposing team shouting vicious remarks at my daughter.  Should I ask him to cool it, or just ignore it? A: It’s tough not to ask the other parent to tone it down, but don’t.  Reacting to his heated comments could easily […]


Q: A coworker who’s known as the office gossip has friended you on Facebook.  Is it OK to ignore her request? A: Totally OK.  Ignoring a Facebook request is no big deal (nor is it rude).  While you have no obligation to join her in Facebook Land, a sincere, gracious refusal would be thoughtful.  Shed some […]

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Q: I live in an area where a lot of people have a home hair salon. I know the tipping etiquette for other types of salons, but wondered if I should tip the owner/stylist of a one person shop. It seems to me that since they are not paying for a booth on rent on […]


Q: My boyfriend and I work together and  have been living together along  with one of our colleagues for the past six months. Unfortunately, we have talked to him several times about his cleanliness and tidiness. I have gotten to the point where I no longer want to live with him. My boyfriend however is […]


Introducing Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th Edition!

by Daniel Post Senning on August 18, 2011

ETIQUETTE, 18th Edition Manners for a new World Introducing Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th Edition! It’s been seven years since the last edition of EmilyPost’s ETIQUETTE, and the world has changed. Seven years ago the term “social networking” didn’t exist ,everyone had a land-line, cell phones didn’t allow email access, and there was no such thing […]


Thank-You Notes: Should you ask for one?

by epi on August 6, 2011

Q: I sent an expensive baby gift to a friend months ago, and I haven’t heard from her.  Do I call her on it? A: It’s perfectly fine to call her and ask about it.  A graceful exit- “I know you’re busy; please don’t write me a note.  I’m just glad you’ve received the gift […]


Q: My neighbor had a yard sale weeks ago- and still hasn’t removed the unsold stuff from his front yard.  Should I call and ask him to clean it up, or say nothing? A: Let it go, unless your neighbor is violating local ordinances.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t offer a friendly “Looks like […]


Faux Pas Fix: Don’t Call Me ‘Mom’

by epi on August 2, 2011

Q: At my stepdaughter’s school open house, her teacher refers to me as “Annie’s mom.”  Do I correct her instead of staying silent and letting the mistake slide? A: Yes, but not in front of the other parents or children.  Later, when she can focus on you, pull her aside and say, “I wanted to […]


Back to school: Can I really afford it?

by EPI Staff on July 31, 2011

Q: My son’s teacher sent me a back-to-school supply list–and some items, such as a fancy calculator, are too pricey for my current budget. Should I call the school for advice, ask other moms to pool money, or buy it all anyway? A: Contact the school for advice; they may have supplies you can borrow. […]