Cruising for Company: How to Suggest that Friends Join on a Vacation

Q: We are taking a cruise for our 50th anniversary. We would like to have friends with us but can’t afford to pay for them all. Is there a ‘not tacky’ way to invite these people?

A:  Tell those friends whose company you enjoy what you are planning and tell them that if they are planning a vacation soon and suggest that it would be fun to all go together – then give them the name of your travel agent. This way you aren’t inviting them, but are indicating that you would welcome their company if they can fit it into their schedules and budget.

Fashion Flops: Can you Wear Linen After Labor Day?

Q: Do the old traditions of not wearing linen after labor day still apply?

A: That really never has been a fashion tradition or rule. Linen, depending on its color, can be worn from early spring through mid-fall, weather permitting. The Memorial Day-Labor Day rule is for wearing summer white clothing or accessories. Therefore, if your linen clothing is white, you’d follow that rule. If it is another neutral or color, you may wear it according to seasonality, not according to defined days of appropriateness.

Right Handed World: Which Way do you Pass Food Around the Table?

Q: At a family meal recently there was some friendly discussion regarding the passing of the food. So, which way is it? Do you pass to the Left or the Right?

A: You pass to the right, or counter clockwise. You pass it from your right hand to the person on your right’s left hand. He then can hold the bowl or platter in his left hand and serve himself with his right hand.

Intimidating Introductions: Do you Need to Define Relationships?

Q: What is the proper way to introduce a girlfriend/boyfriend to friends / family / coworkers etc that you are involved in a romantic relationship with. (I’m a divorced male dating a divorced female, we both have children that are often with us from the previous marriage)

A: You don’t need to define every relationship when making an introduction. It is fine to simply say “I’d like you to meet Susan Smith. Susan, this is Mrs. French.” If Mrs. French simply has to know what Susan is to you, you can tell her. But this way you aren’t using defining terms that are not comfortable, whether girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other, or whatever you might feel defined the relationship.

Announcement – ‘Awesome Etiquette’ Podcast Launch!

575We are pleased to announce that the Awesome Etiquette Q&A podcast is now LIVE!

The Emily Post Institute is thrilled to be partnered with American Public Media’s new podcast network Infinite Guest to bring you Awesome Etiquette hosted by Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning

As your hosts, we’ll talk about etiquette in our own lives, answer listener questions, delve into the historical and traditional aspects of etiquette, as well as salute individuals and organizations who shine as examples of good etiquette.  If you have a question, historical or traditional etiquette topic you’d like discussed, or a person or organization you’d like to nominate for an etiquette salute, please email us at You can subscribe with iTunes here.

Infinite Guest has an all-star line up including: Dinner Party Download, The Splendid Table, Wits, Life of the Law, You Must Remember This, and Top Score.  Happy listening!

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