F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

A most gracious welcome to Emily Post’s Etiquette Daily!

What is Emily Post’s Etiquette Daily?

Etiquette Daily is a blog moderated by The Emily Post Institute designed for you to ask and to answer etiquette questions. We invite you to ask questions, share your opinions, and give your perspective on new etiquette issues.

Why use a blog?

We know that manners are always evolving. By hosting a moderated forum where people discuss etiquette we both inspire and learn from the conversation.

Where do the questions on this blog come from?

A combination of places. They come from you, and from questions asked in the past. You can submit questions or introduce discussion topics in any “Open Thread”. In addition to your personal queries, questions on the front page are often culled from our archives and represent the editorial perspective of longtime spokesperson Peggy Post.

How do I ask a question or leave a comment?

Click on the title at the top of any article or the number of comments at the bottom of any article. This will take you to a page with the complete text of the article followed by a field for making a reply (or asking a question of your own) at the bottom of the page. Give it a try. Join the conversation! You can leave comments responding to any posting. You can also leave a comment responding to other comments. Be sure to check back regularly for your answer.

How do you choose which questions get answered?

While we don’t have the capacity to answer each and every question that is asked, we try to provide a way to get your question answered. We choose questions for the front page that best represent the most common concerns of our readers. If you would like a personalized answer, the open thread that publishes everyday is a great way to talk with your fellow bloggers and see what their thoughts are.

What if I disagree? Is it OK to say so?

Yes, we welcome lively debate. Comments should be thoughtful, address the content of an idea, and not attack anyone personally.

Who moderates the comments?

The comments posted are approved by either EPI staff or our trusted community moderators.

Who are the community moderators?

They consist of EPI staff members and people who contribute regularly to the blog. Our community moderators have taken an active interest in the Etiquette Daily and help provide sound advice on a regular basis.

What are the America Today, Business, Children’s, Everyday, Polls, and Wedding tabs after the FAQ?

Every front page question on the Daily belongs to one of these categories. These tabs link to category pages with an archived list of questions and answers from the category appearing on the tab. These lists are chronological and each day’s question becomes a new part of this ever growing archive.

I see content in the blog that is not in a Q & A format. What is this?

The Emily Post Institute is involved in many different aspects of etiquette culture. We often have content that may be of interest to our community (like polls). We will selectively seed this site with some of that material.

What is The Emily Post Institute?

The Emily Post Institute is the organization that continues the work Emily Post began in 1922. Spanning five generations, it is a family business run by the Post family.

What is The Emily Post Institute etiquette philosophy?

The very short answer is that manners are the application of essential principles – including honesty, respect, and consideration – to the question of individual manners in any time or place.

The Etiquette Daily is a great place to ask your initial questions. For more general research and further information on various etiquette topics, check out the Etipedia® at emilypost.com!