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While we love our question and answer blog and know that this is simply the best place to get a personal answer to your etiquette question (or have your voice heard), for a complete look at the full scope of The Emily Post Institute publishing and training programs…

Come visit us at emilypost.com!

As a signature new media project we have been building a database at emilypost.com of our most sought etiquette material and are so happy with the results. We call it Etipedia®!

Etiquette + Encyclopedia = Etipedia®

The Etipedia® is an online database filled with articles, advice and answers for any and all of your etiquette questions. You can search the Etipedia using keywords and phrases, or you can browse by subject area. The Etipedia is not only a comprehensive reference tool; it is a reliable source of information on business etiquette seminars and trainings, manners for children, wedding etiquette, and more–with a fresh look, increased accessibility, and a variety of content.

The Etipedia is designed to make finding a solution to the most common etiquette dilemmas quick and easy!