Roommate Realizations: Speaking Up About a Roommates Bad Habbit

Q: I’m a college student living in a dorm with random roommates. I share a bathroom with one other girl. She leaves her towel she uses on the towel rack in the bathroom. Because it’s folded in the bathroom it never dries and after a week or so it starts to smell. It smells like mold and BO. I’m not sure how to handle the situation without hurting her feelings. I’d like to just ignore it but the smell get so bad that I can’t use the bathroom without feeling sick.’

A: It’s easy. Tell her you know her towel never dries because she is so thoughtful about folding it and hanging it up to keep the bathroom neat, but you don’t mind at all if she opens it up and hangs it over the shower rail to dry  – that this wouldn’t bother you in the least and that you so much appreciate her thoughtfulness!

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