Please Return to Sender: Who Pays for the Ring in the Case that the Wedding is Called Off?

Q: If the groom calls off the wedding and the bride wants to keep the ring, who finishes paying for the ring?

A: The ring is returned to the man. It was not a gift, but rather was a symbol of their engagement. When the engagement is terminated, the ring goes back, unless they bought it together and shared the costs. If that is the case, the one who keeps it can reimburse the other, or they can sell it and reimburse one another.


  1. Lilli

    I disagree. If SHE had called off the engagement she gives it back, but if the groom called it off she can keep it (unless it was a family heirloom in which case that’s a little spiteful). If he bought the ring on credit it is not her fault – he can either choose to not pay and ruin his credit or suck it up as a life lesson. IF the couple bought it together the bride would be wise to pay it off herself to keep the ring and not damage her credit.

  2. Vanna Keiler

    I agree with the EPI answer. If the bride wants to keep the ring and the groom agrees, she should return it to the groom in good faith and then purchase it from him in its entirety (e.g. how much he has paid thus far, and how much is left on the purchase). Or, perhaps meet him at the store where the ring was purchased, pay off the balance in full plus give him the initial down payment (if payments involved), and walk away with the ring.

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