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  1. Yelena Kondaurova

    Good evening! Can you tell me, please, when I ask someone to help, for example, I say: “Advise me, please, good wine,” when i need to thank this person (give a present): once advised or after I tried it? Thank you.

    • Alicia

      Well in a restaurant if the waiter does a nice job recommending wine or food then you would tip a bit extra. If you are chatting with a friend and ask if they can recommend something that is just friendly behavior. If at a store then purchasing the wine is the thank you to the store staff.

  2. We are in the process of putting together our Scroll of Honor to acknowledge our school donors. Some of our parent couples use different last names: Joan Smith and David Bond. If we are listing the women first in the scroll, how do we alphabetize them in the listing by husband or wife’s last name?

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