Name Changer: How to Monogram Wedding Gifts

Q: What is the proper monogram for a wedding gift? I want to give a set of Towels to a bride & groom and I was going to use the bride’s first initial, the groom’s first initial, with the groom’s last initial in the center. My mother-in-law says she has never heard of this and insists that it should be the bride’s first initial on one side, her maiden last name initial on the other and the groom’s last name initial in the center.’

A: You are correct — a gift to both uses their married monogram – last name in the center, bride’s first name initial to the left; groom’s to the right.

It used to be that gifts to a bride were monogrammed in her name only for they were part of her trousseau, but this is not the case any longer.

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  1. Rachel

    I would be very careful before having anything monogrammed. Many women keep their maiden names after marrying, and it would be unfortunate to have an incorrect monogram.

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