Awkward Appreciation: What Do I Do with a Decorative Gift that I don’t Like?

Q: My Aunt gave me a wall hanging that is not my taste, at all. She has suggested many different places for it. Now she is coming to my house. What should I do?

A: Since you still have it, you might as well hang it up so she can see it in place. When she leaves, you can always take it down. If she comes again, you can say you love to move things around and change the décor and it was time for a different look, but you are sure you will be changing it again and the wall hanging will be in a new and interesting place.


  1. Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt

    Wow. I totally disagree with this. Etiquette should never parallel with lying. Why not tactfully tell her the truth?

  2. Jody

    I agree with the EPI advice here. A gracious person will accept the gift and *not* say “oh it’s not to my taste but thanks anyway” (no matter how politely or tactfully worded, that’s rude). A wall hanging isn’t like an article of clothing, where you can exchange it because it doesn’t fit you. It usually takes very little effort to temporarily put up a wall hanging (assuming it’s a smaller item and not a wall-sized item) and then take it down when your aunt leaves.

  3. Jodi

    Why not hang it in the guest room? Tell the aunt you have enjoyed having it in the house and thought she would enjoy having it in her room during her stay.

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