Word to the Wise: Should I Tip for Receiving Advice?

Q: I am staying as a guest in my bosses apartment in New York City. I will be staying 4 days. There is a doorman there but since this is a private residence, do I tip? And if so, for what services? If we don’t use his services such as carrying our bags or hailing a cab, do we give a gratuity at the end of the trip? Do we tip for the intangibles, such as directions, advice, etc?

A: When you are visiting and have no luggage, you naturally do not tip him for simply opening the door for you.  However if he obtains a taxi for you, tip him $1-$3 (the higher amount if he must stand in the rain for a period of time to get it.)  When he has your car brought to the door for you, tip him $1-$2 at the time of this service. If, at the end of your stay, you would like to tip the doorman for being helpful in regard to directions, advice, etc. it would be a nice gesture to do so.

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