To Sing or Not to Sing: Proper Etiquette to Observe the National Anthem

Q: What is the correct way to observe the singing of our national anthem. Many people stand and sing with their hands over their hearts. Others stand and look at the flag as they sing, but do not place their hand over their heart. Which is correct?

A: One may or may not place one’s hand over the heart when the national anthem is played  – rising and remaining standing during the playing of the national anthem shows respect. If you are on your way to your seat, or in any public place when the anthem begins, stop where you are and stand at attention until the end. Don’t talk, chew gum loudly, eat or smoke during the singing of the anthem – it is fine to sing, but not required.

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  1. Mohammed

    I agree with the answer. Everyone has to show respect for their national anthem and also if you hear your national anthem you should stop and stand until the end.

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