Restaurant Rules: Who Pays for Restaurant Bithday Parties?

Q: I would like invite my friends and family to celebrate my 40th birthday with me at a restaurant. The brunch will be at noon on a Sunday. The restaurant charges $17.00 per person. I would like to know if I am responsible for paying the restaurant charges or if it is appropriate to ask my guest to pay? Also, how should I word the invitation?

A: I’m sorry, but you can’t do that. If you are having a party for yourself, you are the host and are expected to pick up the tab for your guests. Just as you wouldn’t charge them to attend a party in your home, you wouldn’t charge them to attend a party out of your home. Simply say something to the effect of “Come Join Me in Celebration My 40th Birthday” at such and such a restaurant, together with other pertinent information such as date, etc.

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