Perplexed Party Planner: What to do When There are not Enough Goodie Bags?

Q: I am having a birthday party for my soon to be five year old. I have made goodie bags for the kids that were invited. My dilemma is that often parents will bring their other children. What do I do when I don’t have enough for the other kids that were not invited, but their parents brought them anyway? I was thinking about giving those kids a lolly pop or something… What do you think? What’s proper not to hurt ones feelings?

A: A lollipop is fine – there is absolutely no reason for you to have to make extra party bags for uninvited siblings – but I understand that you don’t want to send them away empty-handed, either. A lollipop is a nice gesture and is sufficient.



  1. Adam

    Are goodie bags are required to be given out by the host parent(s)? Is it proper etiquette to do so or is it fine not to?

  2. Lori C

    I know of no good reason to spend money on cheap plastic toys or candy for goodie bags. I would suggest having some sort of craft the kids can make while at the party to take home instead. I have also seen food crafts like baking and decorating hand shaped sugar cookies, turkeys made out of candies and frosting.

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