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  1. Raini

    The proper word has escaped me as I have not used it in quite some time.

    What is the proper word to excuse oneself from a commitment made to a friend with the understanding that the “invitation” is available in the near future?

    Do not think “standing invitation” is what I am seeking.

    Your assistance is sincerely appreciated,


    • Winifred Rosenburg

      That’s not an etiquette question but I’ll answer anyway. It varies on where you live and what is required of them. Where I live (New York City) musicians for a wedding ceremony generally run $150-200/person.

  2. Sharon

    I was in the kitchen the other night and made myself some peanut butter toast. I licked the knife off and my husband had a fit, saying…We’re’s your manners? I didn’t know it was wrong to lick your own knife in your own home?

    • Ruth Peltier

      As long as you did not then put the knife back into the peanut butter jar I do not see what it hurt.

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