On the Clock: Appropriate Lateness for Wedding Gifts

Q: How long after a wedding, are you allowed to send the gift? I always heard six months, but nobody in my office has heard such a thing. Can you please clarify.

A: In the past it was said that a wedding gift may be given up to a year after the wedding takes place. It seems to be a carryover rule, but naturally it is important to give a gift before the wedding, or as soon after as possible. Otherwise, you have an entire year of having the bride and groom remember you as one of the few who didn’t give a gift, and a year of feeling guilty every time you see them, or even avoiding them out of guilt!


  1. Stephany

    I’m a bridesmaid for a wedding in a few weeks. There will be a bridal party dinner at a very nice restaurant that includes all bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as the parents of the couple and a previous mayor. My question is should I bring a gift that evening? There will not be a rehearsal dinner after the rehearsal just the rehearsal itself a week following the bridal party dinner. Seems like the bride will not have a bridal shower as she doesn’t want one. Any etiquette help is greatly appreciated!

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