Maiden in the Middle: What happens to my name when I get married?

by epi on July 21, 2014

Q: What percentage of women turn their maiden name into their middle name? My mother-in-law insists that that is the way its done and I don’t know anyone who has done that. Who is more right?

A: A bride who wishes to take her husband’s last name may retain her given middle name or, more commonly, use her own surname as a middle name.  However, we don’t know of any exact percentage as to how many women use their maiden name as their middle name when marrying.  Essentially, it’s the bride’s choice.

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Adrianne July 28, 2014 at 8:51 am

I recently got married and this was a huge debate between a lot of the women I know who were getting married and I noticed it varies by the region they are from. I find a lot of my Southern friends turn their maiden into their middle, my Midwestern and Western friends were more likely to drop their maiden and my Northeast friends were a mixed. Additionally I found out from other recent brides that some states only let you change your last name, while others let you change your middle and last name without a separate petition for name change. Check the laws in your state when you are deciding.


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