Hesitant Hands: Distributing Items to Clients

Q: As an Assistant, I was asked to bring in tea to a conference room. I had no tray, just a hot water container, cups and tea. I clumsily brought it into the room and set it on the credenza at the back of the room. The guests were already sitting at the table. I was then asked to get some aspirin. I brought in four packets and handed them to the guest, leaving the water on the credenza for my boss to hand to the guest. What would have been the proper way of handling this?

A: If as an assistant you are being asked to perform duties relating to food and/or beverage service your employer should provide you with the necessary serving items. The coffee, water, cups, saucers and glasses, along with the aspirin should all have been transported on a tray and set on the credenza and then distributed to each guest one at a time.

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  1. Andrea

    I agree with your answer because if someone hasn’t the right tools to do his job it is not their problem . When you are working you have to have respect for your boss but also your boss must have respect for you and especially for your job.

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