Calling it Close: What to do When Wedding Guests Dont RSVP?

Q: Is it acceptable to call (phone) wedding invitees who have not responded via printed, stamped RSVP cards, to ask if they are coming?

A: Yes, it is. Call them, by all means. It is not at all rude to do so – the rudeness is on their part for not responding in time. You can be very upbeat and friendly – “just making final plans and hadn’t heard from you – we’re so hoping you can come to the wedding and I’m calling to see if you will be with us.”

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  1. Ken

    One of my big issues with reading wedding etiquette is how often the guest are called being rude. The rule of thumb is one should never things to go perfect for a wedding. If you do, then you are in for a disappointment. While its good for guest to know etiquette, there will be stuff that falls through the cracks. If you did realized what you did something rude without being too self conscience of yourself, apologize for it. I have already broken some wedding etiquette rules and soon realized it and I have apologized for it. When my wife and I got married, we both decided that are wedding was going to be wonderful, even with all the mistakes that will happen. Even though the cake lady forgot to put the right cake topper on, thats one my wife struggled with the most. When you going to have a wedding, these things are expected: It are doing very good if 100% of your guest RSVP’s saying they are coming. That is rare. Along with getting 100% of your guest RSVP’s on time. Yes, the smaller the wedding the more likely its to happen. Go ahead and call, but don’t go thinking you impolite, rude person, “Are you Coming?” Yes, I forgot once to RSVP with my friend. And he called me, at first I was thinking we are in for a nice friendly chat, and then we ask the question, “are you coming?”, and then I’m like, oh shot, to myself. Then I say, “Yes, I am coming.” But I apologized for not RSVPing” I just simply forgot.

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