Table Ornament: How do I properly use a charger plate?

Q: How are charger plates properly used on the dinner table?  I was under the impression that salad plates should be served on charger plates then removed after that course.  Should the charger plates be left on the table under the dinner plates or should they be removed before another course is served?



A: A charger plate or place plate is put on the table when it is set.  The first course is served on top of it, in its own dish or plate, and both are removed when that course is cleared, to be replaced by the dinner plate.



  1. Bre

    We mailed out all our thank you cards within 3 months of the wedding. This included a thank you card to a couple who did not give us a gift at the wedding. The letter said thank you for attending and spending our special day with us. Now, 8 months later they have sent us an Amazon gift card as a wedding present via email. Should I send a 2nd thank you card? Can I send a thank you email?

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      Yes, you should send another thank- you note. It should be written, not emailed. FYI, “thank you for attending” notes are not traditional and have been known to cause people who didn’t give gifts the feel like the newlyweds are trying to guilt them. Whether that is the reason for the late gift, I don’t know.

  2. David

    The couple may well have been having financial difficulties and are more uncomfortable with the gift giving situation than you are. You don’t know. The e-mailed gift card might have been the most convenient way of sending the gift, for a number of reasons. I would send them a thank you card expressly for the gift, maybe even mentioning how handy it has been at this particular time.
    I think an e-mailed thank you is completely out of the question. They may be painfully embarrassed by their late gift and need a soothing, reassuring note.

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