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  1. Yelena Kondaurova

    Good day! How are you? My name is Yelena, but some people write my name as Yelenia or Ylenia. What I need to do, please? Thank you.

  2. Anna

    Good morning. I have a question about proper etiquette for a anniversary party. My grandparents in law are having their 50th wedding anniversary this month. As far as I know, their immediate children have not planned anything. Do I approach one of their children and ask outright if they are planning anything? I am not overly close with my husbands family but I do like his grandparents.

    • Jody

      Anna, I think it would be nice to ask them. You could say something like “I’d like to plan a party for Grandparents-in-Law but I want to make sure I don’t conflict with your plans. What would be a good day/time/whatever for my party so I can avoid the conflict?” That gives them the option to say “oh, we’re not planning anything special” or “our party is probably going to be XYZ.” That also doesn’t make it look like you’re asking them to do something, which it seems from your original posting you aren’t.

  3. SharonRose

    Is it non ediquette when you are in your own home to lick off a knife and making peanut butter toast?

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