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  1. Rebecca

    My husband recently received a wedding invitation that was addressed only to him. Is it appropriate to invite only one member of a married couple to a wedding? I was somewhat taken aback; he was nonplussed.


    • Elizabeth

      It is improper to invite only one half of a social unit to an event like a wedding. If you think it was intentional only to invite him and not you, your husband can simply decline without explanation. If you believe that they intended to invite both of you, but were ignorant of the customs of addressing invitations, then your husband could gently inquire. “Bride/groom, I just received your invitation in the mail. I just wanted to make sure who the invitation was directed to – just me, is that right?”

    • Jody

      I agree with Elizabeth’s advice. If your husband isn’t comfortable asking the bride/groom to clarify the invitation (number of people included) that’s fine, he should just decline. If the bride/groom press him for a reason he can say “unfortunately my wife and I already have plans for that day.”

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