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    • Nessy

      While in bed, when wearing a bathing costume or pjs (unless you “work from home” and wear pjs all day) and while you are in the shower/bath. Trust me – even if you are less than “amply blessed” (like myself) you are doing yourself a favor by wearing them – helps keep a nice “tone” ie prevents sagging.

    • Elizabeth

      I agree with Nessy, but I would say that in some casual situations it might be appropriate to go braless. It probably depends on your physiognomy, too, whether you need the bra for “modesty’s sake” or not. My mother, for example, rarely wears a bra, but she doesn’t have a lot going on and she tends to wear layers – you would never know by looking. If I were to go braless, however, it’s a lot more obvious. Plus, just for comfort’s sake, I rarely go braless unless I am indeed in my pajamas. I would say that at school or work, a bra is a must.

      • Vanna Keiler

        I would venture to guess that undergarments should be worn/not worn at the wearer’s discretion, including in a work environment. As undergarments in a business setting should not be visible regardless, the assumption would always be that they are worn underneath. It is really no one’s business if a man or woman is wearing undergarments, and certainly not appropriate to enquire to another person regarding this status. The REVERSE situation would actually be MORE of an issue in a business setting, whereby the display of undergarments is not appropriate and any exposure of them would cause most people immense embarrassment. If an individual looks like they need to be wearing undergarments (e.g. transparent clothing, tight-fitting clothing), I would guess that the clothing in itself would probably be inappropriate for business. On a social level, dressing so that those around you feel comfortable in your presence would be the socially polite thing to do. Therefore, depending on your surroundings, dress accordingly.

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