Muzzling Fido: How do we address our new neighbor’s dog which barks constantly?

Q: My husband and I love to enjoy our backyard with our garden, swimming pool, and wonderful patio.  Recently a new home owner moved in and brought “Fido the barking dog” to live in our previously peaceful and quiet neighborhood.  The barking is non-stop all day and if it is left out at night it will do the same. What would be the appropriate first move on our part to address the situation?



A: You might consider talking to your neighbors. Tell them that you like dogs and love how cute Fido is but ask them if they realize how much Fido barks.Depending on their response, you might ask them to keep Fido indoors when they’re not home and at night if possible. You might also consider consulting the local police about noise ordinances and act accordingly if Fido’s barking continues.


  1. Ash

    Do you live in a rural area? If so, and you do decide to approach them, you might want to add something like “You might want to be careful leaving Fido out at night. We’ve had several foxes wandering through our yard and would hate for him to potentially meet one.” This could solve the nighttime problem completely and also shows that you are a friendly dog lover as well, not just “that” neighbor 😉 :)

    • Jennifer

      My parents had the same situation. It was excessive. They kept the dog outside all the time. My Dad would go over and talk with the owners. It would help but then it would start up again. He just kept going over there and explaining how disruptive it is to my mom and him that they can hear the dog through the closed windows. The neighbors were apologetic. I agree with the response above that if it continues, look at the noise ordinance. Unfortunately, sometimes it gets to that point.

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