Joyful Welcome: Who do I send birth announcements to?

Q: How does one decide who to send birth announcements to, especially in a large family?



A: Birth announcements are generally sent to those family and friends who are unlikely to know of the birth of the baby first hand.

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  1. Joanna

    Depending on the person, sometimes even if he or she immediately knows about the baby’s birth, he or she might like an announcement as a keepsake…for instance, I’m big on scrapbooking, so even if a relative or close friend had a baby, I’d like the announcement, so I can have an “official” page with the early photos to start the child in my scrapbooks.

    Plus, nowadays people come up with such clever announcements! It’s not like “the olden days,” where you just got a card in the mail. Now, they do photo cards, candy bar wrappers, you name it.

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