Sharing is Caring: Is it rude to not offer food in the house to the whole family?

Q: Is it considered bad manners to have food in the house that is not being offered to the whole family?  For example, a teenager orders a pizza and doesn’t offer to share with anyone, or, a parent brings home donuts for oneself, knowing the kids are not permitted to have any.




A: It is not very considerate for one member of the family to order or bring food in for him or herself and not share or offer to include everyone else.  The exception is when everyone is on his or her own for meal preparation.  For example, if the teenager doesn’t participate in family meals or buys his or her own food.  Parents who eat forbidden food in front of their children are giving a very mixed message and should reconsider this practice.  Home is the best place to learn generosity and consideration.  One can say something along the lines of, “I’m ordering a pizza — would anyone like to join me?” or, “I’m getting a glass of water — can I get one for you?”


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