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This open thread is your space to use as you like. We invite you to discuss current and traditional etiquette. Feel free to ask questions of each other and the community moderators here.

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  1. Sharon Cyrus

    Growing up I’ve always admired how members of my family have formed great relationships with people of different ages and walks of life and it’s a skill I’ve been trying to practice and acquire as well. I was on the way home from shopping near my office one evening and I boarded the usual bus to my apartment. I sat at the front and started to chat with the bus driver who turned out to be so interesting and very friendly. We talked about living healthfully in your older years, city politics even fishing. He was older, possibly in his 60’s and I am 31. When my stop came up he gave me his number and told me to call him. We had a nice conversation and he mentioned that he was from St. Croix and my family is from Trinidad and Tobago. I could see him getting along with my father who just turned 70 in November. What would be the safest way to befriend him and eventually introduce him to my father?

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