Badge Placement: Which side of the shirt does a name tag belong?

Q: On which side of the chest should you display your name tag?



A: Although it is easier for right-handed people to put a name badge on the left side, they correctly are worn on the right side.  This is so the person shaking hands or greeting has easy eye contact with both the person and the badge as a way to help remember the name or to see where he or she is from — which is the whole purpose of wearing a badge in the first place.


  1. I read this years ago from Emily Post:
    Jewelry on the left. Name tag on the right. (sit down, stand up, fight-fight-fight!).
    Okay, I added the last part so I could remember the rule!

  2. When shaking hands in an introduction, you use your right hand, the name tag/badge would go on the right shoulder so your eyes just have to glance up to the shoulder.

  3. jordi

    What is the best way to approach the subject of waiting for late arrivals for a business meeting or workshop. I pride myself on arriving on time to any appointments I have but many times I have been in attendance when the host or organizer has said “we will give the late arrivals a few extra minutes before we start” or “we will start in a few minutes while we wait on a few more people”. This irritates me because I don’t see the point in having a start time only to disregard it. This can result in scheduling issues for some attendees for the rest of their day and seems disrespectful to those who made the effort to get there on time. I would like to know if there is a way of suggesting that we start the meeting and let the latecomers be responsible for finding out what they have missed on their own time.

    • Lori C

      It is up to the person running the meeting or workshop to decide whether or not to wait on late arrivals. However, I don’t think it would be out of line to ask the presenter if they will be able to end at the appropriate time since you don’t want to be late to the next workshop.

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