The Waiting Game: After an interview, how long should I wait to contact the interviewer again?

Q: I recently went on an interview and felt that it went very well.  After the interview I sent a thank you note to each of the interviewers.  At the conclusion of the interview they said they would be making their decision by the end of the week.  It is now the following Monday and I have not heard either way.  Should I send an email to both interviewers, call to express that I am still highly interested in the position, or just wait for a response?



A:  Since it is only a few days since they said they would be in touch, you should wait for them to contact you.  However, if you haven’t heard from either one in a week or two, it would be fine to call to inquire.

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  1. David

    For the sake of clarity, I would email the prospective employers, copying to all you met. It’s always nice to have a written response and know everyone is “On the same page” with the matter.

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