Exceptional Service: Can I tip private ambulance drivers, nurses, and other similar care givers?

Q: Recently my mother has experienced a run of bad health.  My siblings and I have been wondering what the etiquette is of tipping private ambulance and medicab drivers, nurses, aides and therapists who have provided exceptional care.



A: The best “tip” you can give them is to write a letter to their supervisors commending their kindness, exceptional care, extraordinary response.  They would not receive monetary tips.  If your mom has been hospitalized, it is always appropriate to give a gift to the staff members who cared for her.  You would do this in a multiple of three: one plate of cookies for each shift, for example.  You may deliver them all at once — just mark them first shift, second shift, third shift, with a note or card of thanks.


  1. Jody

    I agree with the EPI advice here. My dad was in a nursing home and the staff took wonderful care of him. We brought a box of homemade cookies for the staff as a thank-you — one box for each of the three shifts.

  2. Joanna

    Agreed! These kinds of things will be greatly appreciated, perhaps even more than monetary tips. I know from my own job that people rarely ever let you know when they are pleased with the service, only when they want to complain. So the rare compliment is hugely welcome.

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